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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in News | 2 Comments

Join the team!When Orbits created this site as a sideline to their main business, the Raspberry Pi was just being mentioned and the possibilities of it were just being discovered. We are now receiving over 500 hits per day and would love this site to be one of the go to places for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. Whilst we update the site as much as we can, and that’s easier now we have 3 RPis in the office, we would love to have a few dedicated community members join the team and document their projects and experiences.


If you are interested in joining the Orbits/ team then please drop me a mail at and we will see what we can do. All we ask is that you are committed and able to write in ‘fairly good’ English, which is something we struggle with 😉


  1. Rick Rickard
    June 28, 2012

    Hi I have connected up my R-Pi using the OS supplied by RS, an HTMI lead into my flat screen monitor with keyboard and mouse.
    When I powered up the red led lit and then the green one. The system started running through the boot up and stopped. The final line of text was:- Kernel panic – not syncing: fatal exception in interupt.
    I am not an IT person so I am now stuck. Is the problem something I have done or is it the R-Pi/software?
    I have not connected it to the internet. Is this neccessary to get going?

  2. Robert Maguire
    June 29, 2012

    I have read a lot about the Raspberry Pi but gave up all hope of ever getting one some time ago, however, my interest in such small computers was activated and I was thus drawn to the DuinoMite series of computers, mainly because they had a BASIC language built in, like the old BBCmicro. I ordered two which arrived the next day and was up and running in seconds, finishing my first project within about 3 hours.

    I only mention this as I find the carriage charge that RS, etc, charge to be much greater than I feel it should be, free with DuinoMite’s from the right source, however, I have never seen any mention of this in any report on the Pi. I don’t know if any of this goes to the charity set up for the Pi, but this increases the Pi’s cost by about 20%, which is a large amount. With such a product being sold in batches I am sure it could have been distributed much more efficiently and thus cheaply, and if companies such as Rapid Electronics had also been given the option to supply the Pi, freepost would have even been an option for goods over £35. I am sure they would have done a kit with keyboard, etc, at a much better price, keeping in line with the philosophy of the Pi, and they are also a leading education supplier, unlike RS, etc, who are more commited to the professional market.

    As I once programmed the BBCmicro on a regular basis, and at one time even produced some articles on adding interface devices to it unused address lines, I came to know the workings of this computer very well, thus going to the DuinoMite was actually like the BBCmicro experience all over again. As the Pi currently does not seem to have a BASIC language, I cannot understand why it keeps being portrayed as a computer that takes one back to the old days of the BBCmicro.