Were you one of the lucky ones?

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Discussion | 8 Comments

As you probably already know, the first batch of Raspberry Pi’s were on sale as early as 6am yesterday morning.

The first batch is completely sold out from the two suppliers partnered with the Raspberry Pi Foundation due to geeks like us excited to test the limitations of the device.

There is a massive demand for the Raspberry Pi’s, a lot of people including us believe it is a revolution for low-cost computing.

The original concept was to improve the teaching of programming within schools by being able to supply them with a mini-sized computer for around £25.

Unfortunately after multiple attempts we were unable to purchase one yesterday and are awaiting the second batch to be announced.

Are you one of the lucky ones that managed to buy a Raspberry Pi yesterday?
What are your plans for the device when you receive it?


  1. Kevin
    March 4, 2012

    To be honest I’m NOT sure anyone got one … Were the makers too ambitious did they have any ready at all ? … I can’t help having doubts !

    • Jim
      March 7, 2012

      Oh I’m sure they had some to sell. I believe the first run was 10,000 untis and with the amount of interest they would sell out in minutes (like Glastonbury tickets!). Roll on batch number 2 and we can all start playing!

  2. andy little
    June 9, 2012

    well i got mine… help file not completely useless, but errors no less.
    to setup sd card, mine 8gb, download img for debian6 and rename to sd.img
    download dd.exe
    put both files in the root directory C:/

    plug in your sd card and identify what harddisk it is, mine was harddisk1

    very important else you wipe your harddrive on your pc!

    open a cmd.exe window


    dd bs=1M if=sd.img of=\\?\device\harddisk1\partition0 -progress

    in lower case, no capitals as per example.

    if error occurs for – progress retype upto partition0 and enter

    this then will flash the image to the sd card.

    remove sd plug into raspberrypi and bootup.
    worked for me..
    have fun.

    • Jim
      June 9, 2012

      Thanks for the tips, its post like these which really help build the community.

    June 17, 2012


    • Toby
      June 19, 2012

      I admire your enthusiasm Jimmy! Have you done anything interesting with yours yet?

  4. Jen
    June 25, 2012

    Hi everyone,

    I’d really like to get hold of one of these. When will the next batch be available and how do I order?


  5. JoeWraith
    September 16, 2012

    After hours and hours surfing Ebay i finally got one and it works great and runs and the new raspbian OS.